In class children continue to learn to knit round items and use them in the performance of an application. Every child knit one round detail: the head or the torso of the chicken.


Drawing of a hen and chicken; diagram knitting circle (head and torso), chain (chicken feet); patterns of parts: head, body; yellow and brown yarn, hook; colored paper, scissors, glue; previously completed mural; markers.


Preparation for work.

Execution panel "country yard"; the holding of talks on the topic "Whom you can meet at the village yard."


The lesson

Show drawing of a chicken, say that she came to visit with their babies.


Lesson 54. Chickens (Collective work)  Lesson 54. Chickens (Collective work)


Ask the children:
• To come up with the name kids chicken.
• Consider the drawing of a chicken and answer the questions:
• what parts of the chicken image (head, torso, legs, wings);
• what is the shape of the head and torso of a chicken (round);
• what they are in size.
• Consider the pattern of the head, body and legs.
• Tell how to knit the round part.
• To clarify how to determine the size of the part of the head and body (by the application details to the template).
• Link the parts of the head or trunk.
• Related items to stick on the basis of the panels, tucked under the circles a bit of material for gaskets.
• To finish the chicken legs, glue the eyes cut from paper.


In the course of analysis to consider panels, to comment on the collective work of children. To sing a song "Reached the chicken walk".

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