Performing panels "Sunflowers", children practice knitting in the round details and using it for appliques.



Sample of sunflower with knit from yarn core; black yarn; hook; material for stuffing; glue, a brush and a rag for application.


Preparation for work.

The class in application children perform paper collective work picture "country yard" (sunflowers, fence, grass).


The lesson

Make a riddle.

Is Antoshka
on one leg
Where the sun will be,
that's where he'll look.


Lesson 53. Sunflowers  Lesson 53. Sunflowers


Ask the children:
• Review a sample of sunflower and to answer the question:
• how is it different from sunflowers made by children before (core).
• Consider the pattern of the circle and determine:
• how many loops in the chain closed into a ring (5 loops);
• how often are the dual loops of the column without nakida (after one loop).
• Connect the round part.
• Glue bound core on sunflowers on previously completed mural "the Rural court yard".

The analysis will compare the sunflowers in quality, in size. Note carefully the associated circle.

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