In class the children practiced in the knitting of the chain, in the execution of an application with the image colors of skeins of yarn and knitted chains.



Sample of an application, the basis for murals, yarn white and green, two cardboard rectangle size: 2 x 1 2 cm and 2 x 5cm, hook, glue, brush and a rag for the glue.


Preparation for work.

Talk with the children about colors, consider the illustration, slide the didactic game "What flowers grow on a flowerbed, what on the meadow?"


Lesson 50. Dandelion


The lesson

Read the children an excerpt from a poem:

Is dandelion
yellow jacket,
Grow up - dress up
in little white dress
Light, airy,
obedient to the breeze.


Lesson 50. Dandelion


Ask the children:
• Review the sample and answer the questions:
• what parts of the dandelion (flowers, leaves, stem);
• what material is made of flowers, stalk and leaves;
• what loops are connected stalks (air).
• Recall how did the monkey from the Hanks of thread.
• Perform flowers:
• across a small cardboard to put the string;
• wrap several turns of white yarn on the cardboard;
• tie the ends of the thread two nodes;
• cut a coil from the end opposite Savasana bundle.
• Link chain for I stems.
• Complete piece:
• to wind the long piece of cardboard 1 row of tightly lying to each other, the coils of yarn;
• glue the chain is wound on cardboard coils of yarn;
• cut the coils on the side opposite the glued chain;
• to give form to the leaf, cutting off the yarn at the base and apex of the leaf.
• Stick the applique on the base.


In the analysis to consider the flowers, how to choose the most beautiful.

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