On lesson, children practice knitting in a circle column without nakida, working with the scheme, the execution of an application.


The base panel (applique with the image of the tree); the yarn is red, yellow and light green; wool; pattern of Apple; hook, glue, brush.


Preparation for work.

Talk with the children about fruits and vegetables, spend a didactic game
"What grows in the garden, on that tree?". Encourage you to do the applique with the image of the Apple tree, the crown of the tree to decorate knitted chains.


The lesson

Make a riddle:

A round, rosy, I grow on a branch.
I love adults and small kids.


Lesson 49. Apple tree with apples  Lesson 49. Apple tree with apples


Ask the children:
• Answer the questions:
• where the apples grow (on a tree);
• what time of year the Apple tree hang ripe apples (fall);
• what is the shape of an Apple (round);
• what color are apples (red, yellow, green).
• To consider the scheme of knitting Apple, define:
• how much air loops in the chain closed into a ring (4 stitches);
• how many stitches should be purl on two columns without nakida, coming from the same loops (one loop).
• Look at the application picture of Apple, to determine the time of year (beginning of summer).
• To depict an Apple tree with apples. To do this:
• to link small apples (2 - 3 coils);
• glue the apples on the crown of the tree, smeared with glue bound edge of the circle and placing it on a small piece of cotton wool. Can apples to sew.


The analysis of artefacts to admire the Apple orchard, laying next to all the work of children.

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