In class children perform cotton doll on the principle of winding yarn on a piece of cardboard as has previously made the pendant from threads.



A sample of the doll-fashionista; circuit manufacturing; yarn Bela I or pale pink; the bobbin thread to match the yarn; two pieces of cardboard measuring 10 x 5 cm, thin wire; scissors; needle with large eye, thread for embroidery red and black.


Preparation for work.

Talk with the children about the toys they like to play. Tell me what a toy can do with their hands. Consider stitched and fabric toys made of clay and paper.


The lesson

Show the children a doll for the fashionista who loves to dress up, she has a beautiful knit dress, hat and purse. The doll is boring, no one to play with, as she has no girlfriends, and she asks the children to make the same dolls as she is.


Lesson 42. Doll-fashionista


Ask the children:
• Review a sample of pupae and think:
• what material is made doll (made of yarn);
• what parts of the hack (head, torso, arms, skirt);
• how separated one part from another (tied with several strands of thread).
• To wind the white yarn onto a large piece of cardboard, remove the cardboard roll, put the roll in the middle of a piece of thread to pull tight and tie the ends, bottom coil slitting.
• Perform the doll's head. To do this, fold the skein in half so that the padding was on top. Digressing a little from the top edge of a coil, make a few turns of thread for restringing and, dragging a skein, tie the ends of the strands. For I increase the size of the head in the middle of the coil you can put a small ball of yarn.
• Carry handle, severing from the roll a few strands of yarn, placing them a piece of wire and wrapped all of this thread.
• To make a constriction of the first coil where it will be waist of doll. The chest of the doll can wrap one layer of thread.
• Embroider eyes, mouth and nose of the doll.


If children can easily cope with the task, you can do the hair and wound them around a piece of cardboard, tie the skein with one hand and thread and cut the other end. Hair glued or sewn to the head, are cut to the desired length or braided in pigtails.


The analysis invite the children to come up with the names of the dolls, check the quality of restringing and winding bundles of thread.

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