On lesson, children learn to complete a large-scale hack of thread, complete with parts of a knitted chains and paper.



Master Hook; model toys; yarn, construction paper, crochet hooks; scissors, glue, brush for glue.


The lesson

Master Hook brings a toy "Octopuses" and invites children to learn how to do the same toys.


Lesson 28-29. Octopussy


Ask the children:
• Consider the sample, think and answer:
• what parts of the toy (the head and torso in the form of a ball and eight legs);
• how is made the legs of the octopus (connected chain).
• Eight link chains of identical length. After fixing the last loop to keep the tip length 7 - 8 cm, the rest of the thread to cut. All the ends tie into one bundle.
• Run the head of the octopus. For it to crumple a wad of paper (diameter about 4 - 5cm) and wrap it with thread to make a ball.
• Put in the center of the bundle of thread obtained the ball. Fix the beam on the ball, wrapped it with thread.
• Cut out paper eyes and mouth Octopussy.
• Glue the paper parts to the ball.


In the analysis, mark the most beautiful toy, she carefully and tightly wound thread, all the loops in the chain smooth and the chain are of equal length. Invite the children to come up with the name octopus.

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