On lesson, children are introduced to the technique of knitting in a circle, with the new element of knitting - polostevichi, its schematic image, using polostevichi with the closure of a chain of air loops in the ring and joining the chain to the ring.


The image of the fantastic character of snout; base panels with painted stems and leaves of a flower; the pattern of the core of the flower, snapping the chain in the ring; scheme and pattern of the flower; the pattern crochet flower, multicolor yarn knitting hooks; glue, brush, scissors.


Lesson 39. A bouquet of flowers

Preparation for work

Consider the map of the journey through the Magical land of Knitting, remember what they have learned during the trip.


The lesson

Piglet hurried to the children to visit, gathered a large bouquet of flowers, but a strong wind picked up and cut all the flowers, there were some stems. To help the patch can children, if you tie beautiful flowers.


Ask the children:
• Consider the diagram of a flower and find out:
• what parts of the flower (from the core and petals);
• how many petals are on a flower;
• what this flower is different from the colors that the children are already used to knit (before the petals of the flower consisted of one long loops, and now each petal made of chain of small loops).
• To view circuits and find out:
• how many loops in the chain the core of the flower (10 loops);
• how many loops in each lobe (10 loops);
• unlike other first loop of the core (it is point);
• which loops around the heart of the flower is attached to the beginning of a chain of the first petal (first);
• which loops around the heart of the flower attached to the end of the chain of the first petal (second);
• some of the loops on the core starts the chain of the second petal (from the third);


Lesson 39. A bouquet of flowers

• which icon stands between first and last loops of the core (small arc, as indicated by loop "polytypic").
• Perform the heart of the flower: tie a chain of 10 loops and snap them into the ring prostovisa for this hook, which is the last loop in the chain, inserted in the 1st loop of the chain and the hook are formed 2 loops, thread jumped on the hook and drawn through both loops.
• To associate a chain of 10 loops for the first petal, to introduce the hook into the 3rd loop on the heart and fasten it with prostovisa.
• To link all the other petals.
• Stick the flowers on the basis of an application.


In the analysis take in the bouquet, select the most beautiful flowers (all the loops are smooth, the petals fortified properly). Thank the children for helping Piglet.

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