Practical exercises exercise the child the ability to properly hold the hook and thread for knitting, catch thread with hook. Children, individually or in the form of collective work to create a picture.



Lesson 4-5. Piglet in a hurry for a birthday


Material. A toy or a picture of a Piglet; a travel map, a circle with a picture of a ball; the paper or cardboard sized landscape sheet for the base panel; separately from colored cardboard cut out balloons, flowers, a small strip of green cardboard for the crown of the tree, bushes, etc. (some of the lines in these images are not drawn in their place with an awl made holes at a distance of 1 cm from each other); colored wool yarn with a knot on one end, hooks, PVA glue, brush, cloth.

Preparation for work. Or read together with children, remember the story about Piglet Piglet and his friend Eeyore. Ask them to perform in the technique of applique or paint the sky, clearing a path, a house, Piglet, hurrying for his birthday.



Lesson 4-5. Piglet in a hurry for a birthday


The lesson

The children came Piglet. He wants urgently to finish a picture to give to his friend Donkey, but the trouble is that he has no paints, no brushes, no scissors, no paper. In children this is also nothing but a multicolored yarn and knitting hooks.

Ask the children:
• Consider the cut from colored cardboard, balloons, flowers, bushes, small strips of green cardboard (for the crown of the tree) and think:
• what are these objects made of holes;
• what color is the thread suitable for the image of the flower stalk (strings for bulbs, tail of Eeyore, twigs of trees and bushes).
• Remember holding the hook and thread when I did fancy the rays of the sun in the previous lesson.
• Put the thread in your left hand on it, the piece of cardboard, insert hook in hole, pick up and pull the string to turn the other blank side up.
• Arrange all details, decorated with thread, on the backdrop (including previously completed the sun).
• Glue the parts on the background.

In the analysis take in the resulting picture, listen to the recording of any songs about friendship.

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