In this lesson, children specify the names of the fingers on a hand, and learning how to hold the hook in hand, to hook the thread hook.


Lesson 3. Fluffy sweetie


Material. The model of the sun, cut out of cardboard (in the rays of the sun made holes with a hole punch, the wrong side in the center of the sun strengthened beam yellow wool); hook, the table depicting the position of thread and hook in hand during knitting; map of journey in a Magical land and a circle depicting the sun.

Preparation for work. Treat your children to playing with fingers. Specify the names of the fingers:


Look at the fingers,

Fingers boys.
The smallest

the pinky Next to him
the finger without a name,

Middle finger in the middle,
Followed timately -

The index finger.
And last my finger -

The plump, big!


The lesson

Remember with children, where in a Magical land for the first time stopped rolling from my grandmother-needlewomen a Ball of yarn.
Please note that the map on the next stop of the ball drawn sun.
Say that at this stop you need to learn how to hold the hook in your hand.

Lesson 3. Fluffy sweetie
Show and explain how to hold the hook:
"Hold the hook by the stem, like a pencil, the point of barbs at herself, the thumb and middle finger of the right hand and the index finger is on the hook at the top. The thread lies on the index finger of the left hand, its tip directed to himself, hiding in a fist, and the long end down between the index and middle fingers.

Ask the children:
• Consider the model of the sun and figure out where his front, and where the reverse side, to draw attention to the fact that the center of the sun on the reverse side of the attached bundle of threads, and the rays have holes. One ray is nice decorated with string threaded through holes.
• To make all the rays of the sun beautiful, for this:
• put one of the leads coming from the center of the sun, on the index finger of the left hand, the tip of the thread to hide it in a fist, the ray will fall on the thread;
• right to take in the right hand hook;
• enter a hook in the center of the sun is a hole in the beam, to pick up thread and pull it to the front of the ray;
• to turn the sun wrong side up and re-enter the hook into the center of the sun free hole, to catch and pull up the thread and so on until all the holes on the beam.

In the analysis of the admire, what a beautiful furry sweetheart, with threads on the rays turned out.

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