In this lesson, children are introduced to the variety of yarn for knitting, properties of different types of yarn (cotton, wool, synthetic, thick, thin, smooth, hairy, color); tool crochet hook. Know that the hook can be thick and thin, wooden, plastic and iron, and the choice of hook depends on the thickness of yarn.


Lesson 2. Meeting with the master of crochet


Material. Drawings of the master of the Hook; the map of the Magical land of Knitting; in the circle with the image of threads and hook threads of different types of yarn; hooks of different thickness and of different materials (wood, bone, plastic, metal); material for didactic games "guess the description who fits tail"
(drawings of different animals and animals - mice, wolves, hares, foxes, squirrels, cats, etc.), "Choose for each of the strings hook", "Find the doll second bow" (painted head doll with bow from different yarn in one braid, a set of bows for the second braid).


Lesson 2. Meeting with the master of crochet


The lesson

Used playing technique: the arrival of the master of the Hook, which brought the letter from the Glomerulus, and a map of the Magical land of Knitting, which painted a road which has rolled away a Ball.
Invite the children to go in this country to find a Ball. Every visit to fairyland children will mark emblem-a circle with any pattern.
Show the circle in which drawn thread and a hook, attach it to the card.
Tell me that at the first stop, the children will get acquainted with the inhabitants of a Magic country Crochet with threads and hooks.
Consider and compare strings of different types of yarn (the thread is thick or thin, smooth or fluffy, soft or hard, color yarn) conduct one of the didactic games "guess the description", "For whom will fit the tail?". In games lists the properties of a thread of any type of yarn, the children can tell who is on the table this thread, and decide which animals you can make a ponytail of these threads. In the game of "Find the second bow doll" one child gives a description of thread of the bow in one pigtail puppets, children can tell who is on the table the second bow.
On behalf of the master of the Hook-tell the children the story of the emergence of crochet.
"A very long time on the beach in a small village there lived fishermen. They were poor, because catching fish with a fork, and that's the way they fished, it was hard to catch a lot of fish was difficult. They began to think, what can I do to catch more fish. I thought and thought and came up with: I collected all the ropes that were found in the village, tied them, and got something very similar to mesh, but to catch a fish this grid does not work. Really big holes-cells in the net. Then one of the fishermen, the old and wise, cut with a knife from a bone wand and tried to use it with mesh netting. The mesh is very dense, and none of the fish from it has not slipped.
Since the world has emerged one of the most ancient of crafts - crochet. It is a smooth stick, which wove a network of old fisherman, was nothing but a first bone hook, invented by man (show the hook). For convenience, one end of the sticks were bent. Knitting at first, only men did. In addition to fishing they were herding goats, sheep, camels, sheared the wool, spun the thread, wove warm scarves, blankets bone hook. Later to crochet are women, but they wove clothes and used the yarn, which is made not only from wool, but also from the fibers of plants, and hooks carved from wood. So there were wooden hooks (show). And only when people learned to smelt metal, has a metallic hook, very durable and comfortable (show)".


What a good hook

Our craftsman, our friend!

Only coats give to him

Make a napkin
As for the doll-pebble -

Beautiful booties.
And our friend hook

tie and collar,

Slippers, mittens for Mary,

peacock for Natasha.


Lesson 2. Meeting with the master of crochet


To crochet can be a lot of different beautiful things, to learn knitting can even children, if they are attentive and diligent.
Show different knitting hooks, note kids that all hooks have a long leg and head, but all the hooks with different thicknesses and made of different material (wood, plastic, metal).
The choice of hook depends on the thickness of yarn: thick yarn suitable thick hook and thinner yarn - the subtle hook.
Guide a didactic game of "Find every hook in your house."

The analysis find out:
• Who lives in a Magical land of Knitting?
• What are threads?
• What yarn do you knit of crochet?

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