In class the children continue to practice knitting and hanging loops and chains of aerial loops using the associated details when you create an application.



Contour image of a house, made in the technique of applique from color paper; colorful woolen yarn knitting hooks; scissors, glue, brushes.


Preparation for work.

Talk with the children about the winter, about changes in the nature, life, animals and birds. Offer to execute the application the image of the house out of colored paper and cut it along the contour.


The lesson

Tell me what in the Magical land of Knitting winter came, the snow lay on the ground, trees, houses.


Lesson 24. Snowy cottage


Ask the children:
• Consider the application of the house of paper and reply:
• what to do with the house, so he turned into the house from a Magical land of Knitting (knitted to decorate the loops and chains);
• how to determine chain length for each wall, roof;
• how to depict the snow on the roof of the house. To link the chains.
Glue the chains on the walls, the roof of the house. To associate loops.
Glue the loops to the roof of the house (snow).
The analysis will put the houses on the table, note that it was a real snowy village from the country of Knitting. Invite the children to think about which of these houses could roll into a Ball. Why would he like this house?

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