In class the children practice performing the techniques of knitting, previously purchased. Work on compositional construction of the image based.



The options of samples and sketches for a panel on "the Christmas picture":
1. The tree grows near the house;
2. The snowman stands around the house, etc.

The basis for panels (blue sky and white snow on the ground); patterns of Christmas trees and snowman, colored paper; cardboard boxes measuring 1 x 5 cm, 1.5 x 5 cm 2 x 5 cm; yarn, crochet hooks; scissors, glue, snow-covered houses, made in the previous lesson.


Lesson 25-26. Christmas picture

Preparation for work.

Talk with the children about the new year holiday, the traditions associated with the meeting of this holiday, about Christmas preparations. With children follow the framework for the panels (on the album sheet, draw or stick of colored paper blue sky).


The lesson

Ask the children:
• Read the poem prepared for the new year holiday.
• To see samples of Christmas panels to answer:
• who is depicted in the picture;
• what material is needed for execution of an application;
• as complete a tree growing near the house, and snowman (applique paper, edged with associated cables);
• how to determine the length of the chain to her enough for sticking to the whole tree;
• how to portray the cones on the tree, smoke rising from the chimney of the house, falling snow (loop);
• how to run the snowman (head and torso - cotton balls glued on a base of paper).
• Choose the sample for my "new year pictures".
• Cut around the templates on colored paper and cut out images of Christmas trees or a snowman.
• To carry cotton balls for the snowman.
• Position details (snow-covered house, Christmas tree or snowman out of paper) on the basis of an application, as is done on the sample.
• Paste the details of the application on the basis.
• Tie chains, loops, or run balls.
• Stick related details on the base.


Lesson 25-26. Christmas picture


During the analysis, check the quality of knitwear, the location of the image on the basis of neat sticking. Suggest to think who will give your children a souvenir.

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