In the process of creating an application or a small toy - souvenir monkey children practice run filament bulbs. Toy use crocheted chains and details from the paper.



Sample; wool brown yarn 2 strips of card measuring 2 x 5 cm 2, 5 x 5 cm; drawn on paper and cut out the faces of monkeys; a colored brown paper, scissors, crochet hook, glue, brush.


Preparation for work.

Talk with the children about the monkeys, their habitat, food, habits. Invite the children to talk about the circus, about trained monkeys. Consider the illustration. Advise to complete the portrait of a monkey (to trace the pattern of the muzzle, draw the eyes, smiling mouth, cut the muzzle).


The lesson

In the Magical land of Knitting is the island and who lives there, children can learn from the description of different animals (rabbit, giraffe, Fox, crocodile...)


Lesson 22-23. Funny monkeys


Ask the children:
• To examine a sample and think:
• what material is made the head and torso of a monkey (from yarn);
• what materials are made of monkey's (made of paper);
• how to make a ball of yarn (between the two straight strips to put short strong string and wound on a strip of yarn, etc.).
• Perform two balls of yarn, large, trunk monkey, and the little head.
• Link 4 chain legs.
• Paste the details of the application on the basis.
• Draw on colored paper small circles and glue them to the ends of the chains (the feet and palms of monkeys).
• Glue the face of a monkey.


The analysis will consider the application, invite the children to think what they have turned the monkey (fun, playful, nimble...) where she lives (in a rainforest, circus...), to finish the picture with markers.

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