The main purpose of this first session is to arouse children's interest to knitting when using a simple tool (a small hook) yarn you can make a variety of products: clothing, jewelry, household items, toys, create the desire to learn to knit beautiful and useful things.
To achieve this goal will allow the game situation and the use of lesson clarity. This lesson is the beginning of the game-the journey to Dreamland.

Materials. Toy "Kitty" basket, balls of different yarns (cotton, wool, synthetics, etc.), knitted and crocheted articles.

The lesson

Teacher creates a game: comes grandmother was a seamstress and invites children to her house.
Tell us what grandmother never sitting idle: it bakes delicious cakes, sews fancy dress for a granddaughter, caring for flowers, but most of all loves to knit beautiful and useful things.

Lesson 1. The grandmother-needlewomen


Consider products that are tied up Granny mistress, talk about their purpose.
Invite the children to remember what they have knitted items, ask who tied them together.
Show toy kitten kitten, who lives with his grandmother-needlewomen and loves to play with balls of yarn. And now the kitten has rolled all the tangles.
Offer to help grandma to collect balls in a basket, where they always are stored.
With the children look around the room scattered balls of yarn and put them in the basket.


Lesson 1. The grandmother-needlewomen
Tell grandma thanks children for the help but is very upset because the ball was never found, and it is not a simple ball, and magic and if he lost it on purpose. The ball will tell you many interesting about your adventures when you are.

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