On lesson, children are introduced with the manufacture of the ball of yarn technique winding them on a cardboard base, practice the knitting chain.


Doll; a sample of the pendant; two cartons with a size of 2 x 5 cm; thread iris; crochet hook, scissors.

The preparation for the lesson.

Talk with the children about the decorations, consider and compare the beads and pendant


The lesson

Make the doll, tell us that she's a big fashionista, going to the ball and wants to wear jewelry - pendant.


Ask the children:
• To consider and think about:
• what parts of the decoration (chain and pendant);
• the material from which made the chain and the pendant (from the thread).
• Tie chain, tie the ends with a knot, extra thread cut off.
• Complete the pendant.


Lesson 21. The necklace

Stepwise explanation of showing and executing children:
• put a short solid thread between the strips of cardboard so that you can see both of its tip;
• make a few turns around the cardboard;
• carefully remove the wound beam with the cartons;
• link turns are short and thread the two nodes;

• to attach the pendant to the chain.

The analysis invite the children to admire the beautiful decorations and to think for whom they tied the pendant you want someone to give it to her. Select the most beautiful pendant as a gift doll.

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