In class the children continue to practice the knit chain of air loops and use it for making various crafts.



Examples of jewelry from different materials: beads, bracelets, pendants; colored yarn; separate large beads; hook.


Preparation for work.

Talk with children about the holidays, about how they are prepared, what gifts, Souvenirs give each other.



Lesson 20. Beads and bracelets


The lesson

Ask the children:
• To remember what the holiday is coming.
• Think about what gifts the children want to give their friends.
• Consider jewelry that are on the table, and answer the questions:
• what are the names of these decorations;
• what they are made.
• Link chain made of yarn.
• Make beads by tying the ends of long chains and pendant, - put on the bead chain. From short chains to make bracelets and baubles.


In the analysis to select the most elegant jewelry.

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