On lesson, children practice knitting the first loop, knit chain of air loops, using the associated details when you create an application. Children can work in pairs: both knit stitches, then knit the chain, and the other paste related items.


Travel map; emblem - a circle the spot with a picture of a gnome hat; a picture of one dwarf with a beard made of eyelets, and a hat decorated with a linked chain (in the picture the rest of the dwarfs and Snow white knitted details are not used, they must link the children); knitting hooks, thread, glue, brush, cloth, scissors.


Preparation for work.

Read the children a story about snow white and the seven dwarfs. Run the application the image of the dwarfs.



Lesson 17-18. Snow white and the seven dwarfs


The lesson

Show the children the Snow white and the dwarfs, remember, what tales they are. Show dwarf with a beard of knitted loops, which lives in a Magical land of Knitting.


Ask the children:
• To compare the elves to think, how do they differ from each other.
• Think about how you can decorate clothes Snow white knitted details.
• To recall how to properly bind and cut the individual loops.
• Tie loops and chains.
• Glue the loops of the beard dwarfs and Snow white dress and chain on cap.

In the analysis note how elegant all Dwarfs and Snow white.

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