Children work subgroups for 3 - 4 people, creating a part of the picture, which is then going into the whole panel "Aquarium". Every child in accordance with the color and size of lines on your part of the basics knits chains and sticks it on these lines. From the cut parts of the framework drawn up a picture of the "Aquarium".


The Foundation panels with color markup image cut into 2 - 3 pieces (number subgroups) straight lines, each of these main parts cut into smaller (in the number of children in the subgroup) arbitrary lines; colorful yarn, crochet hooks; glue, brush, cloth.


Lesson 15-16. Split picture Aquarium (collective work)

Preparation for work.

Invite the children to play the Board game "Split pictures".




Lesson 15-16. Split picture Aquarium (collective work)

The lesson

Master Hook wanted to do murals, colored pencil struck all the lines, but then accidentally cut the picture based on part.

Invite the children to help master the Hook to make a picture and even make them more than elegant, pasted on the line related e chain.
To do this:
• To consider its image, and to determine the necessary color to complete chains.
• Remember:
• how to determine the length of the chain;
• what should be the loops to make a nice, neat chain (lengths);
• how to secure the chain.
• Link chain.
• Glue the chain on the line based.

In the analysis of the folded cut part of the basics first in subgroups and then together to make a whole panel.

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