On lesson, children practice knit chain of air loops, get acquainted with the definition of its length receiving the attachment of the chain to the line on the diagram. Learn to paste a linked chain line drawn on the paper. The task of drawing pictures develops imagination and creative abilities of the child.


Half of the album sheet with a picture of them simple pencil lines; yarn, crochet hooks, glue, brush, markers or colored pencils.

Preparation for work.

Play with your children in didactic game of "Name objects round, triangular, spherical, square shape".


Lesson 14. Magic pictures

The lesson

From a Magical land of Knitting I received a letter from the master of the Hook that invites children to play a game of "Magic pictures". For this game sheets of paper are drawn different lines (or figures): video, in the form of a snake, half circle, oval, - which can turn into images of objects, plants, animals if the children placed on the line chain and will add fine details with markers.

• To remember how to knit chain of air loops.
• Link the chain, determining what it should be length, method of attachment of the chain to the line on a sheet of paper.
• Glue the chain to the drawn line.
• To think and to paint a picture.


In the analysis to note which diverse images have become a magic line.

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