On lesson, children practice the knitting chains, determining its length by counting the loops.

Material. Image machine-rasteryashi; window with curtain; schema-chains with a certain number of loops; knitting hooks, thread, glue, brush, scissors.

Preparation for work.
Talk with the children, as usual at their house preparing for the holiday and restoring order: MOP the floors, wash the dust off the shelves, beautifully arranged all the toys, decorate the room with flowers.



Lesson 12. Beautiful curtains


The lesson

A messy Marvin tidying up at home, and she wants to decorate the new fancy curtains of the window. To help her in this can children, if you make the curtains for the second half of the window.



Lesson 12. Beautiful curtains

Ask the children:
• Consider the sample and say:
• what made curtain (chain);
• what color is chain.

• Remember:
• how to knit a chain;
• how to fix the last loop of chain;
• how can I determine its length (counting loops);
• what length should be loops (same).
• Count the number of loops in the chain on the diagram.
• Link chain with a certain number of loops.


The analysis will strengthen the chain on the window, note how it has become beautiful and elegant. The logo for the travel card, draw a window with curtains and a flower.

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