In this lesson, children are introduced to the techniques of knitting a chain of loops and fasten the last loop of the chain. Practiced in the knitting of chains with a certain number of loops specified in the schema.
All the linked chains are used when creating applications.


Image girl Masha-rasteryashi; samples linked chains; schematic image of a chain of air loops and running loops; pictures of different objects, animals which do not finish any part (the tail of the mouse, the handle of the bucket, etc.); travel map; knitting hooks, yarn, glue, brushes, cloths.


Preparation for work.

Read the children the work of A. Barto "a messy Marvin".



Lesson 11. Loop for loop


The lesson

The kids came a resident of the Magical land of Knitting a messy Marvin. She brought their pictures, which I forgot to finish some of the lines. Pencil neither she nor the children, but there are threads and crochet hooks.
Encourage the children to learn to knit chains, consisting of several loops, and Supplement chains pictures of Masha.
Show the children samples of related chains.

Ask the children:
• To view circuits of the chain and count the number of loops in the chain in every child.
• Execute the first loop; do not remove it from the hook, to hook and pull the second loop, tightening the base of this loop. In the same way to execute as many loops, how many of them are drawn in the diagram.
• To execute the last loop in the chain and secure the chain, this loop need to pull longer, cut with scissors and the end of the thread extending from the chain to tighten.
• Glue the chain in place of the missing lines in the figures (the glue is applied to the chain).


In the analysis note, one of the children is smooth, equal length loops. Suggest to think that it is possible to portray the emblem of this stop in the Magical city of Knitting. Attach the circle with the painted chain on the map.

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