This activity, like previous ones, develops the child not only in the execution of the first loop, but in creating the scene pictures. In addition, the child practices the work with scissors and a template.

Material. Travel map; sample application; template of a hedgehog: color grey, black or dark brown, red paper, black or dark gray woolen thread; half the album's sheet; a crochet hook, scissors, pencil, markers, brush, cloth, glue.

Preparation for work. Chat with children about wild animals, their appearance, habits, consider illustrate with their image. Ask remember the fairy tales where the characters are wild animals.

The lesson

In the fairy forest live different animals. But with whom was found a Ball, traveling through the Magical land of Knitting, you can see after guessing the riddle:


Under the pine trees, under trees
Lie t bag with needles!



Lesson 10. Hedgehogs


Ask the children:
• Review the sample application and think, what material and what tools you will need to run the needles the hedgehog, and the hedgehog.

Explain to me what template it should work.

• Position the template on the wrong side of the grey paper and a pencil to circle.
• Cut the image of a hedgehog and glue it on the background.
• Draw a hedgehog eyes, nose.
• To recall how to properly hold the hook in your hand and how to knit the first loop.
• Knit stitches-needles.
• Glue the needles on the back of a hedgehog.


Children quickly cope with the task, ask:

• Cut an Apple, a mushroom, to glue on the back of a hedgehog.


During the analysis, check the quality and the manifestation of creativity: the most accurately cut parts, the location of the image, additional details adorning applique.
Invite the children to invent a story, which can happen with the hedgehog from the fairy-tale forest.

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