I'm sure we all heard that the best gifts for New year - Christmas gifts with their hands. Such surprises keep warm hands and convey warmth and love to whomever designed the souvenir. In addition, creating Christmas gifts with your own hands, we bring your creative skills and develop imagination.

If to consider what Christmas gifts you can make with your own hands, then there is endless scope for imagination and creativity. You can make original Christmas songs with your hands of fir branches, pine cones and Christmas toys. Thus, it is possible to buy in the store as a gift to loved ones a beautiful vase and the vase to complement the arrangement of twigs. Will the unexpected combination of practicality and originality.

If You can sing, you can burn to disc your favorite songs close person in their own performance. For this drive you can make a special box with their hands. For the manufacture of boxes for the drive you want to eject the disk from the factory packaging and remove all paper labels and title. From a sheet of cardboard to cut out a rectangle to match the size of the box. It is better to use for this purpose cardboard is beautiful and textured, which can be purchased in stores for needlework. Finished workpiece to bend and insert in the factory plastic box. Fix the cardboard double-sided tape. Left to decorate the box according to your wishes. You can glue small snowman, snowflake or Santa Claus carved from a piece of felt. Ready box need to tie up satin ribbon and decorate with a bow.

If You own a knitting and crochet, you can link for a loved one warm scarf, mittens or a hat. These gifts are sure to warm loved ones in the most severe frosts.


A bottle of champagne - the traditional gift for the New year. However, if your hands are unusually decorate the bottle, then close people will get great pleasure from a drink in an exclusive package. To do this, remove the label and clean it with masking tape. The entire surface of the bottle cover 2 layer white paint and fixed with varnish. The top layer of paper napkins with suitable on the subject of the picture is neatly separated and cut by hand. The prepared image is carefully glued with diluted PVA glue to the bottle and cover the top lacquer. Acrylic paints to tint the background of the bottle and cover the top lacquer. Done using a color contour patterns and congratulatory wishes and tie the bottle with a beautiful bow.

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