Painting ceramics and porcelain

To give a second life to an old porcelain or ceramic dish — it is truly a lesson that deserves praise. The material of pottery has been tempered by time and is unlikely to in the near future will give cracks or Shcherbinka. Still, this cookware remains the most favorite, memories from childhood or about the day when it was donated or purchased.

Be sure to consider what kind of creativity will need special materials. Namely, paint for porcelain and ceramics. To date, high-quality attributes that will satisfy the desires of the most demanding artists. This:

  • paint — water-based, metallic paints and enamels, transparent and opaque;
  • film for decorating porcelain;
  • contours, gel pens, markers;
  • auxiliary materials — brush-sponges, foam sponges, cleaning brushes, holders for plates, and more.

As for painting techniques, you will appear before huge selection.

For example, a popular technique is painted with special markers and pens. It is good that it is possible to do together with children, thereby ensuring a wonderful and fun pastime. Fat plus is to consolidate the image. It is necessary only to dry the decorated item in your home oven at temperatures up to 160 ind.

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