Silver rings is the ultimate decoration, a perfect gift for a loved one. But if they are stones, and more unique and exclusive. How precious kamenem preference?

Cubic Zirconia (phianite)

Few people know that zircon is a natural semi-precious stone and cubic Zirconia is a chemical element periodic system. Gemstone, which are grown in special laboratories and crystallized by cooling of the melt, called Kubik zirconium, or cubic Zirconia.

Silver rings: what to choose — Zirconia or Topaz?

Thanks to the extraordinary play of light in faceted crystals, silver rings with cubic Zirconia look very attractive and expensive. Making stones in various shades of purple — lavender, sky blue, olive green, pale pink — jewelers imitate Topaz, amethyst, garnet, ruby, sapphire and diamond. Cubic Zirconia allows you to experiment not only with colors but also with shapes cut. The stones in the rings can be not only round but also in the form of oval, triangular, pear, heart, etc.

The hardness of cubic Zirconia is inferior to diamond. Because of jewelry with inserts from it to prevent from shocks and mechanical impacts. To care for them using a gentle detergent, wipe with a flannel cloth or soft chamois.

Glow of smoky Topaz

Silver ring with Topaz suit blondes, brunettes and girls with brown hair. Soft and warm Golden light coming from the depths of this stone, gives the skin a striking shade. The composition of Topaz (smoky quartz) contains silicon, which has long symbolized strength, durability and reliability. This stone is just amazing energy: it gives its owner a lot of positive emotions of joy and tenderness, a feeling of lightness.

Silver rings: what to choose — Zirconia or Topaz?

Due to the glass glitter Topaz provides masters jewelry limitless field for experimenting with shapes, sizes, colors of inserts. Its color varies from almost colorless to dark black and opaque, the crystals of which gemologists call Morion.

Despite the fact that Topaz is a fairly tough stone, it requires careful and delicate handling. Regularly it should be cleaned from dust and dirt non-aggressive means and to wipe them with a soft suede cloth. It is better not to wear rings with this stone, in the case of the probability of chemical or mechanical effects, strong beats.

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