Since ancient times, dresses were decorated with beads that not only made them elegant, but emphasized the status of their owner. Thus, Indian tribes outfit of deerskin a few months embroidered with small beads, then the weight of the dress could reach seven kilograms. And in Russia beaded outfits could be afforded only by the aristocracy.

To date, beads has not lost its relevance, because it with any boring dress or blouse can give a completely new look. There are different techniques of decorating clothing with beads, therefore, the results largely depend on the creativity of quilters.

One of the spectacular ways of decorating the dress is the attachment to it of the figures out of beads. It can be delicate flowers, birds, butterflies or intricate patterns that give all together a great lightness and airiness. Each element of composition should be combined with the dress, both in color and pattern.

More time-consuming method that requires special skills, is the embroidery on the dress the whole pattern of beads. For this purpose it is desirable first to draw on the fabric with a special pencil the selected image, and then carefully sew it beads. You can also mark with pencil or chalk separate sections for embroidery, to stay during their treatment. It is recommended to choose thread to match the beads, and accordingly the thickness of the fabric, i.e. for light fabrics choose the thin thread to thick – thick.

To speed up the embroidery process, you can string beads on a thread, which then lay on the fabric and sew along the contour of the figure. It's much faster than trying to get a needle in each bead. If you are working on thin tissue, which in the process is stretched, on the back side you can put a strip of nonwoven fabric not glued.

Space for embroidery, too, need to consider carefully, otherwise in embroidered clothes will be uncomfortable to walk. For example, do not decorate the beaded fabric in the knees and elbows. First, these places over time can warp and will look untidy, and, secondly, a large number of large beads here can make uncomfortable the process of flexion or extension of arms and legs.

Experienced needlewomen is recommended before each process of embroidery is sure to imagine your future outfit in all its beauty, to dive into a joyful flow of creativity. If you perform work in a good mood, then embroidered clothing is going to be fun.

With the help of bead embroidery can be used to significantly transform not only dresses, but also any everyday clothing. The usual jeans, tops, jackets or blouses after delicate embroidery will become independent outfits that you can be happy to wear to any celebration.

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