Natural length Solomin enough to vpleteny weave no longer than 5-10 cm In twisted tangles of greater length it is necessary to renew work of the straw. The most common way of extending working Solomin in twisted tangles is "extension in the hole" (see the Extension working Solomin in a flat weaving). Let's consider step by step, how to prepare for the renewal of straws in weaving and how to do, as it depends largely on the quality of your work and the strength of the netting.
The main rule extension: Solomin different joints of netting should not be in one area of the netting. They must be distance at least 1— 1.5 cm So starting winding network, all of the straw cut to different lengths. The difference in length of the neighboring Solomin should be 7-8 see Your straw will end gradually, and you will be able to distribute the joints evenly along the length of the weave.
1. To take out short working a straw, cut the end above the point of bending at a sharp angle. The cut is oriented to the inside of the netting (figure 5.73 a).
2. New stubble of equal diameter with ended culm thin dip the end in PVA glue and insert into hole. The place of junction of the braid. If new the end of the straw is very thin, trim it to the desired diameter (figure 5.73 a).
Twisted braids made from the top, thin parts of the stem are more prevalent among masters. Netting can be made of a thicker straw, located in the middle part of the stem and having equal throughout the length of the diameter. To renew such straw can only "wrasse". During weaving the joints were not visible, insert a new straw in ending a straw from the inside of the netting (figure 5.73 b).

The extension of the working of the straw in the twisted tangles

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