Manufacturer of plastics straw, or straw sculptures, has deep roots in the traditional culture of many peoples of the world, including Belarusians. The images of horses, goats, birds, people rooted in the beliefs of the people in their divine power. Creating straw way, people have invested in him their hopes and aspirations on well-being, good harvest, for deliverance from all kinds of adversity. Centuries passed, and the power that faith has weakened, but remains the tradition of making ancient images acquired by modern masters.
Since late 1960-ies, began to return forget tradition and technology of making straw sculptures, straw spiders, household goods and clothing items.
It all started with the most basic technologies that are still preserved in the memory of some rural residents. The information gathered in the expeditions, became a primary ABC of the modern Belarusian straw sculptures. Ancient techniques gradually improved and perfected. Artists invented all new and new options for creating forms and a variety of decorative elements, methods of processing straw; invent new techniques of weaving, the variety of options of their combinations. The straw was disclosed to the masters of its secrets.
Many of the techniques and forms that were created by these masters, have become classics. We consider the sequence of manufacturing some of the main types of straw sculptures: birds, animals and dolls. Examples of conventional products will be considered the initial methods and techniques of working with straw bundles — the main formative element of traditional sculpture. Next, you will learn the sequence of manufacturing more complex decorative sculptures, and use of various types of frames.
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