Materials: for the manufacture of cards, you will need heavy paper from which she cut card, fabric or paper of a different tone for the basis on which to run applications; straw Plast red 5x5 cm; straw Plast green 5x10 cm; the piece of straw ribbon natural color. Postcard
Execution of the work.
1. Determine the dimensions folded in half greeting cards: greeting cards height 18 cm, width unfolded 20 cm (figure 4.77 b).
2. On the face of the cards indicate the location of decorative compositions (figure 4.77 b). The window size 8x15 see the locations and shapes of Windows are shown in figure 4.77 g.
3. Developed composition.
Composition of the cards can be various: they linked to any event (New year, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.), include images of monuments, landscapes, floral or abstract compositions. Small surface area for placing decorative compositions suggests that the common features for all of the songs are their simplicity, small number of elements simple outlines.
To compose the postcards will be in the technique of curvilinear applications. Create a composition based on plant motifs (figure 4.77 d, e). The center of the composition, with a large flower just above the point of intersection of the centerlines. Lines and contours mark the position of the stems and leaves.
Define the colour solution of the composition: the background is light Buffy tone, red tone flowers and green leaves (figure 4.77). To run elements of the composition need to make templates. Templates can be made for only the most major and complex elements that define the basic proportions of the composition: flower and 6 leaves 1-3. To perform the pattern of flower it is necessary to draw two concentric circles of different diameters. The great circle has a diameter of 3 cm, small — 2.2 cm Between the circles, draw petals and cut flowers. To perform the template copy leaves them with a sketch.
4. Cut out the templates from the straw layers of the Central flower and leaves.
5. Cut out of colored paper insert for the window cards that is going to be a decorative composition. The size of the sides of the insert exceeds the window size by 1 cm, the total length of its sides is 9x16 cm
6. Transfer the main elements of the sketch using a blueprint on the surface of the insert. The contours of the elements can not be translated fully, but only to outline the points of location of the main elements. Indents let free, they will stick to the postcards page.
7. Thin straw strips glue the stems, then glue the cut items. Small leaves and petals of the Bud can be cut without templates, adhering to the sketch. Mount them according to the sketch. Cut from a piece of straw ribbon natural color middle of the flower, you can use the die cutting, tape or glue it in the center of the flower.
8. Using sharp scalpel (knife, blade) and a ruler, cut out the marked window (figure 4.77 g).
9. On the reverse side of the window attach the insert with a decorative composition. If the insert was performed on the fabric with the reverse side of the postcard on top of the cloth is glued to the paper, which will close the entire window and hide the edge of the fabric.
10. Trim the card on the inner side along the line marking the middle. When cutting affect only the top layer of paper, not allowing deep cutting. Fold the postcard along the line of incision.
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