Ways to prepare straw for weaving and for application of different. It was due to the fact that the netting used round the stems, and for application — made of stalks of straw tape, the surface should be smooth, without cracks and grooves.
In preparation for weaving into strips soak in water. The stems push the load so that they did not wrinkle and was completely covered with water. Straw harvested in the coming season, sufficient to put for 20-30 minutes in water at room temperature. If the straw was stored for years, it is better to stand in hot water and soaking time increased. Bundles prepared the straws, remove from water, allow to drain. Ready to work the straw gently bend, not crack and does not break. To preserve wet straw from drying out while you work put it in a plastic bag or wrap in a damp cloth.
Sometimes soaked for a long period, the straw is not softened. This can happen for several reasons: if grasses grew on soil saturated with fertilizer; harvested varieties of grass with stiff stems. To soften this straws, you can try to withstand it in hot water for 30-40 minutes, then wrap in a wet cloth or paper, wrap with cellophane and about 6-8 hours to keep at a temperature of 5-10 °C (in the refrigerator).
The volume of soaked straw should be enough to work for one day. If left unused soaked straw, it is better to dry and not leave wet until the next day. Re-soaking will not affect the quality of the straw, which is much worse, if it is a long time in the wet state at room temperature: the surface appears slimy film, straw acquires a grayish tint.
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