In this master class offer you to make a necklace and bracelet of beads, beads and horns.
  • Thick brown and beige threads
  • Woolen yarn
  • Jute twine
  • Fishing line
  • Beads wooden, ceramic, various shapes and colors
  • Beads
  • Narrow buttons curved shape
  • A piece of antler
1. Cut the base for the necklace: 4 strands of brown, 4 beige, 2 yarn cut, 2 cut twine and a piece of twine — all of 1.5 m. Fold the main parts together. Make a temporary node at a distance of 20 cm from one end polnisches beam. Fix still end with a knot, securing it on the back of a chair or pushing a heavy object.
2. Start with one of the threads — it will be the main, along its length determined by the length of the product. String selected beads, fixing them between the two knots. First ulel tie where there will be a decorative element. Pick up bead, push it to the node with your finger. Make a loop, push it to the end of the thread and holding a bead, tighten the knot.
3. When you are finished with the main thread, please fill out the beads rest. The two strands connect in the middle, passing them through the holes of buttons to get "ratchet". Between the buttons string of beads: one thread on one large, second small pair. 4. Large wooden beads, string on twine: one piece dark oblong, the other square light. Combine them with smaller items. In the centre of split with square beads hold a piece of horn, strung on either side of him three large beads of other shapes.
5. The yarn Express free — she will play the role of filler in a necklace. 6. On the line string small square beads light color and dark pebbles of irregular shape. Dial consistently 12 beads, then the stone, repeat. By the middle of the filament decrease the number of beads between the stones. Not to do on the fishing line knot, thread the line twice in the first element to hold it in place.
7. Untie temporary knot and tighten as needed thread by adjusting the pattern of the necklace. Without touching the fishing line, twine with a horn and threads with "ratchet", twist strands necklace. Taking one in each hand, two strands, twisted them clockwise. Take two strands and loop with a ready counter-clockwise. Then alternate the direction for all elements. 8. Position the twine with a horn below the interwoven strands of necklaces, and the thread with the "ratchet" is beyond me. Last appetite fishing line necklace with small beads.
9. Holding the necklace on weight, again check the threads and tie a knot the ends of the necklace. Cut the excess yarn, leaving a tail. The line cut shorter and aplowite the ends with a lighter. Wrap yarn a small section of the necklace on the right and left of the node. 10. Bracelet made of beads is done as follows. For the base line and take a piece of brown and beige strands with a length of 1 m. Measure 1.7 m of twine, yarn, brown and beige yarns for ties. Fold the strands, aligning them in the middle. Tie a temporary knot. String the beads. The bracelet will not only "ratchet" and horns. Site twist bracelet, rope necklace. Tie knots, forming its length. The remaining long strands of loop, alternating direction, 20 cm tie another knot. Do the same with the other side. Trim the excess thread.
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