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  • Nacido knitting patterns
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  • 1. Nakedi
    When knitting fishnet patterns, in addition to front and back, used nakedi. Thanks to them in knitting are formed by holes that give the drawings airy lightness.

    There are two ways of knitting nakido.

    1.1. The first method of knitting nakido

    Do yo, summing up the end of the right needle from right to left under the working thread (figure 64). Generated an additional loop. From the inside this promazyvaetsya yo purl loop, as this loop is not included in the number of loops in the figure, is formed an opening.

    Lesson 4. Methods vyvazhivanija of nakido
    Figure 64. The first way knit nakida

    1.2. The second method of knitting nakido

    Making the thread on the spoke itself from left to right (figure 65) and are finished the next loop. In this case, the hole will not work from the inside. In that case, if this yo knit into front, will increase only the total number of loops.

    Lesson 4. Methods vyvazhivanija of nakido
    Figure 65. The second way to knit nakida

    These techniques are used in openwork and English knitting.

    2. Nacido knitting patterns

    In these patterns yo does not form holes as in the openwork binding, and creates a loose chunky knit.

    Lesson 4. Methods vyvazhivanija of nakido
    Figure 66. Yo off the front loop

    While nakida increase in the number of loops. Depending on the pattern in the 1st, the 2nd or subsequent ranks yo promazyvayut together with one of the major loops. Thus restoring the number of loops and increasing the thickness of the knitting. Knit pattern two-sided. When executed on the two sides of the product can form different patterns.

    Used for making sports clothing (figure 67). Is the main way binding.

    Lesson 4. Methods vyvazhivanija of nakido
    Figure 67. Yo off the reverse loop

    3. Useful tips

    Sometimes when knitting fishnet patterns on the reverse side is just too big a hole. In order to avoid this, when knitting on the front side throws noose tighter.

    Nakedi, like other elements of the picture, usually made on the front side.
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