Class: 1


To clarify the children's knowledge of the structure of the animal;

- To develop creative thinking;

-To educate zaperezhivala treatment of animals.

Visuals: Illustrations to the book of V. Bianki” the First hunt”

Literary series: Poems by S. Marshak about animals

Equipment of the lesson: Toned paper, gouache, brushes, cloths.

Lesson plan:

1.Organizational moment.

2.Talk about Pets, for example, consideration of works of art, the development of the structure of animals. The choice of subject of the picture.

3.Independent work of students.

4.Exhibition of works. Analysis and evaluation of art creativity of pupils.

5.Summing up the lesson.

The lesson:

1.To check availability of students in the classroom, prepare the workplace and materials.

2.Conversation: Tell me, who lives at home who is any of the animals? What are animals that can live in a human home? How are they different from wild animals? ( Answers of children) do you remember how call of artists that draw animals? Today we will draw the whole picture, which is called composition.

Composition in Latin denotes a drawing compound of different parts.

We are in our composition, let's try to represent how you can care for our Pets. Read excerpt from poems Marshak covered with kids drawings. Choose a story and analyze the structure of an animal.

On the Board is a pattern, repeating the rules of the location of the image plane.

3.Independent work .

4. Exhibition of works, Reflection.

5. Homework: Finish drawing for kids who failed to perform the task for the lesson.

6. Summing up

Teaching pattern: app

Literature: N. M. Sokolnikov . Visual art and methods of teaching in elementary school. M. Publishing center of the Academy .1999.

V. S. Kuzin. Methods of teaching art 1-3классе. M. Education. 1979.

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