Class: 1


- To expand understanding of line and its variations.

- To develop the ability to analyze the shape of objects;

- To raise interest to work with graphic materials;

Visuals: Paintings of the Belarusian graphs.

Equipment of the lesson:paper, gouache, ink, markers. brushes, cloths.

Lesson plan:

1.Organizational moment.

2.Talk about the graphics, expressive means of graphics, unconventional technologies.

3.Independent work of students. The implementation of graphic means using unconventional technologies..

4.Exhibition of works. Analysis and evaluation of art creativity of pupils.

5.Summing up the lesson.

The lesson:

1.To check availability of students in the classroom, prepare the workplace and materials.

2.Discussion: The nature and purpose of representations of various art materials Naz. drawings.

Graphics - the kind of art that includes drawing and various printed art image.

Considering the pattern, we often see the sheet, which is applied to any dots, lines, lines, spots. These are the main expressive means of graphics.

Didactic game: draw with lines

3. Independent work , performance of still life accomplished in the grisaille technique of two everyday items.

4.Exhibition of works and artistic creativity of students.

5.Summing up the lesson.

Teaching pattern : app.

Literature: N. M.Sokolnikov.Visual art and methods of teaching in elementary school.Academy.1999.

V. Shorokhov.The basics of composition

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