Objectives: - to Expand the students ' ideas about materials graphic artist, learning to convey the image features of construction trees;

- To develop observation skills;

- To foster an interest in the artist's schedule.

Visuals: A. Astapovich “ March”, V. Sadin “ Alley”, M. Sladkov, “the Rooks have arrived”.

Equipment of the lesson: White paper, soft pencils, black watercolor, ink or gouache, brushes.

Lesson plan:

1.Organizational moment.

2.Talk about the structure of the trees, birds on the basis of examination of works of art.

3.Independent work of students. Performance figures in any graphic technique.

4.Exhibition of works. Analysis and evaluation of art creativity of pupils.

5.Summing up the lesson.

The lesson:

1.To check availability of students in the classroom, prepare the workplace and materials.

2.Discussion: to properly convey a picture of certain tree species,it is necessary to know the features of the image, their proportions, structure. Spruce , birch, oak, Rowan and other trees differ from each other, each has its own character . Let us look carefully at their images in the paintings of artists and cards depicting various breeds. Let's see what amazing drawings of trees created by I. Shishkin.

The sequence of drawing the same – from simple to complex, from General to specific. Approaches to drawing may be different: realistic picture and a picture of the fairy tree.

On the routing defined by the sequence of the drawing.

3.Independent work .

4. Exhibition of works, Reflection.

5. Summing up the lesson.

Teaching pattern: app

Literature: N. M. Sokolnikov . Visual art and methods of teaching in elementary school. M. Publishing center of the Academy .1999.

V. S. Kuzin. Methods of teaching art 1-3классе. M. Education. 1979.

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