You'll need

Wool terracotta width 55 cm, length 150 cm, thread floss 8 additions light pink, pink, dark pink, lime green colors; scissors; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full size; tracing paper; transfer paper; pencil; zipper length of 30 cm


Woolen terracotta colour will have plenty of square 55 X 55 cm for the front part of the pillow cover, 2 rectangle dimensions 55 X 27 cm for rear.

Transfer the pattern from the diagram on the front of the item exactly in center. What first put the motif on tracing paper. Then, on the front surface of the fabric place the transfer paper, cover it with tracing paper. Sharpened pencil trace all the lines of the pattern. Then remove the tracing paper and carbon paper and start the embroidery.

One of the key figures in the patterns of a rhombus or a square set at an angle. They can be performed with different processes or in the form of alternating diamonds of different colors and sizes. Also often little diamonds enclosed in large.

The motive is embroidered with a double satin stitch, by gladium roller orgasom, overlay mesh, seam "back needle", "painting", "goat", eyelets with pakracani, Romanian, chain stitches.

Do the big flower. Petals embroider double stitch. The edges of the petals, run the light pink thread in 8 additions. Make the stitches different lengths: 1 — long, the next shorter by 2 mm, then long again and short again. Thus embroider the edges of all the petals. The following series of fill stitches pink. Put them close to each other. In the middle, embroider slip the net. The stitches lay at a slight angle and parallel to each other. On top of them and put the diagonal stitches in the other direction so that the result grid. Intersections of the grid fix complex cross doing his thread in 6 additions dark pink color. Complex cross stitch 4 stitches. They should cross exactly in the middle.

The sepals of a flower, run by gladium cushion lemon-lime threads in 8 additions. Put the stitches from the middle to the edges close to each other. The middle will fill in x's thread of the same color. First do diagonal stitches from left to right, then turn the needle back, and over them lay the stitches from right to left.

Two smaller flower run embroidery and verhova. First embroider the petals of the pink thread in 8 plies thick double-sided surface. Then fill in the middle orgasom dark pink thread in 6 additions. Make a stitch on the front side from the middle of the flower to the petals. Make a small stitch on the reverse side and bring the needle with the working thread on the front side. Make a new stitch towards the center of the flower. So fill the middle of the flower.

In the middle of the flower, follow the knot limnocalanus thread in 6 additions. Attach yarn on wrong side and bring the needle with the working thread on the front side in the center of the flower. Around needles make 2-3 loop the thread from left to right. Slide the needle near the beginning stitch and pull the thread knots at the same tension to the fabric.

The next stage embroider small flowers with sepals. Petals complete bilateral surface light pink thread in 8 additions. In the middle of the run the dark pink thread, 8 summations of the invoice grid. Intersections of secure simple cross dark pink thread in 4 additions. The contours of the middle panel seam "back needle".

Sepals embroider with the Romanian stitch. Withdraw the needle with the working thread limonnokislogo color 8 collapses on the front side, departing from the outline of the leaf 2-3 threads left. Pull the stitch to the right, departing from the contour lines 2-3 threads into the right side. Withdraw the needle in mid-stitch and pass it over the 1st stitch. Slide it forward on 1-2 threads and pull there near the beginning of the 1st stitch. Complete the whole leaf, including stitches.

Large leaves complete the bilateral stitch thread 8 additions limonnokislogo color. Their contours highlight the chain stitch. Why bring the needle with the working thread on the front side and form a loop. Insert the needle into the fabric near the place of exit of the thread and print it there in the middle of the loop over the thread. The remaining stitches will do the same.

The strands of embroider chain stitch lime green threads in 8 additions. Thin branches select seam "back needle" thread in 6 additions lemon-green color.

Small flowers embroider dark pink threads in simple stitches. Every stitch, start with the center of the flower and place their beams in different directions. The middle of these flowers make a bundle of light pink thread in 4 additions. At a distance of 5 cm from the edges to make a curved line stitch "painting".

Outwrite the finished embroidery from the wrong side through a damp cloth. Fold the 2 parts of the back side of the pillowcase, right sides inside and sew them together, leaving the middle open area length of 30 cm Sewn sections and smooth out the seams. In an open area vsheyte zip. Then fold the 2 parts together and sew them. Sewn sections. Remove the pillowcase on the front side (Fig. 63).

Figure 63. Pillow case "Fabulous flowers"

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