You'll need

White Batiste sizes 42 X 42 cm, thread floss in 2 addition light blue, blue, purple, yellow, light green colors; embroidery needle; sewing thread white color; scheme of the pattern in full size; tracing paper; transfer paper.


The edge of white Batiste bend on the wrong side of 2 times and hem white sewing thread. Then bring the fabric the pattern using carbon paper and tracing paper. Why transfer the pattern from the diagram on tracing paper. Put the carbon paper on the fabric, the top cover with tracing paper pattern so that it starts at a distance of 2 cm from the edge. Pattern position in the corners of the napkins.

The motive of performing stalk stitch, easy satin stitch, the lining seam.

All the petals fill in easy stitch. Lower petals embroider light blue threads for the next couple of petals fill the blue threads, the upper pair of embroider purple threads. Seam "back needle" thread yellow mark between the upper stamens petals. Stitches place along the petal tightly to each other.

The other 2 flower embroider exactly the same.

Stem run stalked seam light green threads. Leaves fill underlay stitch in light green thread. Pulling the needle with the working thread on the front side, after securing it on the wrong side, and make a small stitch on the front side. Then through the underside of the print needle with thread on the other side of the leaf. Run the stitch along the contour on the front side and make a diagonal stitch on the wrong side, back to 1 stitch. The next stitch will lay close to 1. Then go back to the other side of the loop and make another stitch close to 2. Continue to embroider the next leaf of the same technology.

The leaves are separate, fill in easy stitch, stitches are put across the piece at a small distance from each other. 3 the rest of the bunch on the other parts follow similarly (Fig. 58).

Serviette Bouquet of irises

Figure 58. Serviette "Bouquet of irises"

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