This collar performs most of the furs and fabrics that simulate fur or pile.
To run collar spherical shape (figure 343) there are no special techniques. Forms achieve a more or less concave Darts.
Measure the neckline and choose the width of the collar. Cut from thick cotton fabric strip of selected width, length 10-15 cm longer than half the length of the neck.
Swipe on the edge of the strips (figure 344) concave line tucks a length equal to approximately 1/3 the width of the strips of fabric. Solution Darts at the base of the collar 2-3 cm, on the go. — two times less.
After performing Darts on the model connect the collar with the neck, try on the figure and move the Darts on the model.
The model, shown below, is interesting from the point of view of technical methods of execution.

Collar spherical shape
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