Wondering how to diversify everyday wardrobe, tying a necktie? And how not to start to be a flight attendant or pioneer? This review will help you in creating a fashionable image.

The great and mighty neckerchief

The first step is to decide what exactly you need accessory: shawl, stole, Quad, or very thin silk handkerchief on his neck? The choice depends on many factors:
- ;
-other parts of the image that you are going to Supplement;

A thin scarf or a small French shawl, the size of which does not exceed 60 centimetres, would be a great option for almost any person. Those ladies who boast a thin and long neck, will be able to tightly wrap it, tying a small knot. For those with short necks have the possibility of visual correction. Just need a necktie or a scarf to tie to form a V-shaped neckline.

Fashionable scarves: choose color

As for the color choice, it is possible to mention two rules:
-plain clothes will approach a scarf of any color and colors, it is important that he properly emphasized the shade of your skin;
-but for the colorful dresses, the best option will be women's scarves of the color present in your image. Or, alternatively, duplicate the color of any accessory.

Choose tippet

Stoles made of silk jacquard, are a versatile accessory. In addition, he is a very bright part of the image that completely captivated the attention of others. For this reason, if you do not have neither the desire nor the time to think about the outfit, you can always use the "heavy artillery".

Jacquard stole can be used as a shawl, just slung over his shoulder. And can be freely wound around the neck. For special occasions to fit the next option: kill tippet suitable attractive brooch. What can be said about most shawls is the fact that this accessory is visually can be aged. But it is not always the limit of your dreams.

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