1) draw to the fold of the fabric perpendicular, on which lay off 1/2 of the mid-Smad, value (1) - AA1
A1A2 = 5 cm (for processing)
2) On the curve, lay off AB = value (3) - depth Smad with k (2)
3) On the fold-delayed BV = 1/2 value (3) - depth Smad
4) From point B hold perpendicular to the bend
5) From point To conduct an arc equal to the lower of the SAG (4) is obtained by measuring the perpendicular drawn from the point B
VG = total (4) + 5 cm (for processing)
6) Connecting the points A2 and d, the resulting value (2) - Smad with a shoulder k on the depth of laying folds.

Swag with a perpendicular shoulder
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