Windows are not the only source of natural light, but also the visual center of the room, so it's important to think carefully about the style of decoration of Windows, as well as its purpose.

The functionality of the fabric in the interior
1. Protection from the sun.
2. Protection from the cold.
3. Absorption of noise.
4. Protection from prying eyes.
5. The decoration of the worn surfaces.
6. Decorating designs, communications, construction.
7. The division of space into zones (Japanese panels).
8. Creation of conditions for isolation space.
9. Create an overall color effect.
10. Create overall lighting and compositional effect.

Urban style of curtains is the most popular and used type of decoration of Windows. You can close them to clean up the light, give them an angled, draped shape to create a soft semi-shade or open, open the view window.
Different types of window drape differently, so it is necessary to distinguish between them.

How to measure the window
First, inspect the walls around the window. Anything that can interfere with the decoration of the Windows - pipes, ledges, radiators, it is desirable to hide behind the curtain. Be sure to check out what made the walls (drywall, concrete, etc., identify voids. It is also important to know the location of electrical wiring that can't be hurt during the installation of the cornice or its holders, brackets.
Making measurements, make a drawing, which specify all that may hinder the placement of the cornice or pelmet. Find a way around obstacles.
Decide what you want to equip my window: "French curtains", pelmets, Roman blinds or round rods for curtains on the loops and the eyelets.
Calculate the number of the guide ledge (how many rows of fastening your model), and the weight of your model and select the type of cornice.
Repeat all measurements three times in different places to eliminate the error.

The main window size
1 - short Length curtains. Measured from the cornice (the top point) to the sill minus 1 - 2 cm (or below the window sill on the model).
2 - long curtains. Measured from the upper line of the cornice (the hook) to floor minus 2, see If the curtains drape on the floor to the height add 15 - 60 cm (depending on model).
3 - To calculate the height of the pelmet, measure the value of (2) and divide by 6, as proportional pelmet is 1/6 of the height from the floor to the eaves.
4 - the Width of the window
5 - For the proper design of the window measured value (4) + 15 cm on each side of the window.
6 - For the installation of blinds, Roman, Austrian, London, Roman blinds to the value (4) add 5 - 10 cm on each side
7 - window Length
8 - To get the length of blinds, Roman, Austrian, London, Roman blinds, measure the length of the window (- size ) + 20 cm above the architrave and 3 cm below the sill


Curtains, curtains, curtains


For model, framed in the window opening, measure the length of the window (7) and the width of the window (4) in a few places (the beginning, middle and end of the window).
  Architrave - the upper boundary of the window opening

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