1. Pelmet (FR. lambrequin - the "decoration") - fabric draped over a door or window opening, closing, completely or partially, curtain cornice. Is the soft and hard form.

2. Bando - rigid frame, the shape of the pelmet. Often used dense, non-woven material with 1 or 2 adhesive surface. Found thermo-Bando (different thickness) and self-adhesive, bandeau.

3. The components of the pelmet:

  Swag - a decorative element lambrequin, a semicircle, a hand-draped folds. Consists of the middle and the two shoulders.
  The shoulder is part of the Smad with draped pleats spaced along the line of the eaves.
  Depth Smad - the amount by which the element is lowered from the upper line of the cornice.

4. Swag with a vertical shoulder - Smad, which folds zakladiv are perpendicular to the eaves, ie fall down.

5. Asymmetrical swags - swags with asymmetrically laid shoulders. On one side of the shoulder collected at a single point (the crease), the other between the folds there is a certain distance.

6. Mechanical swag - swag-half circle, pleated, mechanical zakaerashvili with curtain tape (mounting tape).

7. Peracid element pelmet with top SAG - top opening. The first and the remaining folds are attached at the eaves line on the shoulder, and the middle of the falls, forming an arc (hole).

8. Swag, rolling in de ruff (i.e., single cut) - element lambrequin, a semicircle, draped folds smoothly shift turning into a side element de frill.

9. De frill (FR. de jabot) - side element lambrequin, laid in vertical folds, with a beveled bottom line.
10. Kokila - decorative element lambrequin laid down the VERTIC-
lname folds, converging towards the middle.

11. Tie a decorative item of pelmet the width of the cornice, is equal to the depth of one skladki (8 - 10 cm), because the folds are laid one after the other (shaped like a men's tie).

12. Bell (trumpet) conical single pleat.

13. Double bell (Tripoli)- double conical fold.

14. De frill shift bell - side decorative element in the form of a conical folds of the funnel, gradually (one-piece) passing in vertical folds de frill.

15. The wings - hard or soft (padding polyester) bow-shaped detail for decorating curtains (simple, complicated, braids, cords, tassels, flowers, etc.).

16. Mounting tape (curtain tape, "riband" (it.) - a method of processing the upper edge of the drapery, curtains, valances with a specific ratio and pattern.

17. Pelmet "Scarf" (i.e. full-cut) - one-piece strip of fabric (processed), laid manually, i.e., drape forming Smad, parecida, de jabot directly to the established cornice.

18. Curtains - window curtain pushed to the side or raise up. This is a broad, umbrella term.

19. Curtain (FR. portiere derived from porte "door") - a thick and heavy curtain for decorating doorways. Today, the term isplzuetsya, calling expensive thick and heavy (lined) curtains.

20. Window curtain - soft curtain of fine transparent fabric (tulle, Voile, mesh, organza, lace), closing the window fully or partially.
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