On lesson, children knit chain of air loops and learn to stick them on the principle of "snails" by decorating the sides of the pencil holders.



Cardboard, matchbox; glue, yarn, hook; model, decorated with crocheted chains.


Preparation for work.

In lesson design manufacture children pasted strips of paper pencil holders out of matchboxes, which are glued on an oval stand made of cardboard.


The lesson

Show embellished knitted chains pencil.


Lesson 30. Pencil

Ask the children:
• To consider and think about:
• what is different about this pencil from those who have done the kids before class;
• what made the decoration (of the knitted chains);
• what kind of decoration pencil holders can be considered successful (beautiful).
• Link chain.
• Stick the chain on the principle of "snails" on one and then the other side of the pencil holders.


In the course of analysis to choose the most beautiful pencil holders, to justify the choice. Suggest to think, what else besides pencils can be put in the pencil holder (crochet hooks).

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