One of the most striking features of the modern straw is the development of a large number of decorative techniques in the design of a variety of straw products, manufacture of small Souvenirs, Christmas decorations. And complex decoration, and simple products are based on various combinations of a small number of decorative elements and techniques. Some of them were known long, others borrowed from other crafts or from other cultures, others invented by modern authors.
Consider the most common in Belarusian straw methods of producing decorative elements. They will in the future, when they are combined and connecting with wicker elements to, or independent small decorative pieces in the form of small Souvenirs, toys, jewelry or items of decor straw sculptures, spiders, hats, and other products.

Straw weaving and applique is a decorative material. Therefore, the most simple and affordable way of creating decorative elements is the use of decorative features the usual round of straw stem. The nuances of natural shades of straw, the use of painted stems and sections of stems of different thickness and length, with kolentsi without them, great potential for this (figure 5.2 a). Slices of straw tubes can be issued in various ways, make them straight, helical, corner, change the angle of the cut.
Lydia glowacki in the early 1980-ies came up with a method of manufacturing a decorative element of the straw-tube — tube with constrictions (figure 5.2). To execute banners complete straw tube glue to its end and attach the thread. Equally spaced drag the string the whole stem. To execute banners, you need to wrap the straw 2 times thread in one place. The fingers of his left hand, which is the stem, determine the boundary of the taping. Tighten the turns by pulling the string, you can then do another round to fix the banners, and once again tighten all the coils. Holding the long part of the straw, move along its length, carrying banners in a similar way around the stalk. Straw to run banners choose in the range of average diameters: very thick straw is difficult to pull, and very thin banners are not visible. Decorated decorative straw rolls can serve as elements of straw Christmas decorations, apply for processing straw sculptures and many other occasions.
For use in the tube, as a rule, are grouped in clusters (figure 5.1 K, m in the article, the Straw, the basic concepts and techniques), or sew in the ribbon (figure 5.2 b). For stitching the required number of tubes prepare in advance, cut them on the templates to the desired length, perform cuts. Then the tube tab on a paper or cloth tape can be used to run a long ribbon a sewing machine. Tubes with no gaps, one after another sew along the same line. For durability seam you can duplicate a few lines, separated from each other at a distance of 2-3 mm. Sostradanie in ribbon straw tubes used for decorating straw sculptures. Wound in a spiral, they mimic animal fur, plumage of birds; wrapped around the straw dolls, they may become part of their clothes.
In the sections of the book in which I will be talking about the technology of making different articles of straw, we learn more about the use cases already considered decorative items and those that we will consider in the future.

Decorative elements on the basis of straw tubes

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