The theme of the lesson: “a Fabulous way. Modeling the performance.”



- To teach the children to match the characteristic decorative details in keeping with the emotional content of the image;

- To develop associative and creative thinking, visual perception;

- To foster an interest in arts and crafts.

Visuals: illustrations of the Byelorussian folk tales, samples of the Belarusian people's toys..

Equipment : Clay, rolling pins, sponges, templates, stacks.

Lesson plan:

1.Organizational moment.


3.Independent work of students. Execution of scenery for the performance.

4.Exhibition of works. Analysis and evaluation of art creativity of pupils.

5.Summing up the lesson.

The lesson:

1.To check availability of students in the classroom, prepare the workplace and materials.

2.Talk: Belarusian folk toys is a wonderful world where there is myth and reality.

The tradition of making folk toys has a long and rich history around the world.Since ancient times on the territory of Belarus was made of straw, wood, cloth, clay, etc.

Our ancestors believed that the forces of nature run by powerful gods and spirits. So there mifologicheskie beliefs, as evidenced by the tales, myths and legends different rites of the Belarusians.

Figures of animals, birds, humans as gods was used by our ancestors as amulets.

In addition,these symbols are images used in stage action. And today we will make a choice of several toys with images of fairy tale characters that the beliefs of our ancestors lived close to the people .This is brownie, Kobold, hobgoblin.

In front of you on the table cards with pictures of these characters and their description.You need, using the available material and to show imagination, to blind any of them by choice.

3.Independent work.On the routing defines the sequence modeling. Children need to give the toy some image and emphasize the characteristic features with the help of decorative elements. Pay attention to the dependence of proportions, finishes and texture of materials used.

.4.Exhibition of works, analysis.Offer to share your toy (fairy tale, proverb, story).Reflection.

5. Summing up the lesson.

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