Of the split straws decorative elements in the nation were made a long time. Most often, they were used to decorate straw "spiders".
Straw brush (photo 54). Decorative elements of the split straw 1. For the manufacture of brushes of the split straw take 7-9 thick straw tubes with a length of 10 cm Laminate each tube on a narrow strip of width 2— 3 mm. Fold all the strips in one bundle. In order to align all the ends of the straw bands in the same level, holding the beam freely in the hand in a vertical position, lightly tap it over the surface of the table.
2. Tightly tie the bundle of straw strips of string in the middle part (figure 5.11 a). Ligation to do so, as described earlier for the straw tubes (see figure 5.1 l, m). The ends of the thread, trim, lace up for secure lock glue. Decorative elements of the split straw
3. Fold one part tied with bands on the border of the dressing on the other part. The strips evenly around the perimeter of the dressing so that the thread is completely covered. Re-tying with string bend the beam, forming a head of a brush (figure 5.11 b). Thread can be closed straw thin ribbon or decorative ligation of colored thread.
4. The lower part of the brush, trim with scissors. In order that the brush was more fluffy, it can be further "brush" with a needle. The tip of the needle to be placed deep into the brush near the site of ligation and sharp movement along the strips along their entire length. If you repeat this movement across the surface of the brush 15-20 times, almost all the strips will be further split, but the tassel will look more attractive.
Straw "suns" (photo 55). Decorative elements of the split straw The manufacture of articles of straw "suns" like making brushes.
1. Take 10-12 thick straw tubes with a length of 8-10 cm As in the previous example, laminate them in narrow strips with a width of 2-3 mm, tie beam (figure 5.11 b).
2. Spread straw strips with both ends of the beam, evenly distributing them in a circle in one plane (figure 5.11 g). As such, the "sun" needs to be dried. For drying you can put it under a press between several layers of newsprint (but it will be dry for long). For faster drying you can use a very hot iron: some time hold the "sun" in iron one side, then flip.
3. After drying, the "sun" is necessary to give the correct shape. Of heavy paper (paper, cardboard) cut out a template in the form of a circle of the required diameter. For our "sun," optimal diameter sizes are in the range 4-9 cm: it all depends on what size of straws you took and what size Solnyshko want to.
4. The template align with straw "sun" and seal with a needle so that the center of the template and the center of the "sun" coincide. With scissors, trim the edges Solomin pattern.
It should be noted that the templates can have very different shapes: triangles, ovals, polygons, etc. When cutting complex shapes, ensure that it has not been touched by the center of the product.
Squares, stars, tassels, \ "sun \" of the wizard used to create hanging ornaments for the Christmas tree, straw spiders, light summer jewelry. They may be part of complex compositions, as well as independent small ornaments. All the decorative elements are perfectly combined with each other, they can be combined with different cords, braid, thread, creating an infinite variety of decorative products.
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