The main tool is a needle for faltsevaya.

They are made of different sizes and cross-sections in the working area. The shape of the cross section are triangular, crown and star, and the sizes are divided into three groups: thin, medium and thick. Thick needle with a long blade used at the initial stage and the rough wool, medium - on the main stage, and the thin cold nuclear transmutation uses fine tuning the shapes and lines.

Material needles — hardened steel — hard, but fragile, can not tolerate the bending moments, therefore, should be handled carefully with fine needles, there should be no tilt of the hand at the moment when the needle is in the material.
For convenience, the needles are put into the holders-handles. In the handle you can fill one or multiple needles.

Multiple needles are convenient to use when you want profilepath large area- it speeds up the process. There are advanced devices, such as pricewater of the company "CLOVER"

It is equipped with a spring device and a transparent protective cylinder. Do not say anything — comfortably. In defiance of that the Japanese can allow the "homebrew" option: one or more needles primatyvajutsja to the tube with tape.

In the second case, it is important that the needle stood parallel to each other. But, for the sake of truth, it should be noted that if you have to work with one needle, it is more convenient without any handles better and feels more precise movement.
When feliziani there is one important point: the needle passes through the product and it should not be in your finger (if the product weight) is painful, or knock on the table — blunt. If in the first case it all depends on your accuracy, the second — it is necessary to use a pair Lanovoy substrate or special matik.

Here, in fact, the whole "mechanization" in manual way of working with felt. The rest of the accessories simple so that it is not necessary to be engaged in their description, you will see in the pictures, illustrating the processes of manufacturing of certain products to see which we offer to you and below.

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