This is a classic method. The main trick is that to facilitate peremeshivanie and interpenetration of the fibers of wool use water soap solution, which greatly reduces the friction between the hairs and under the influence of compressive and crushing movements of the palms, the hairs are arranged in the thickness of the material as they wouldn't have been able to place in the layer of the felt in dry condition. In addition, in hot water, the hairs much longer - this is a natural property of wool. After felting, the product should be thoroughly rinsed and dried, wherein, after drying, the hairs are trying to take an initial length, but since their ends peripety in the process of felting, and a lubricant in the form of a soap solution is removed, then the aforementioned "locks" their grip, which allows the felt to maintain pridano him during the felting form.

Wet felting

Thus made flat, and felt products (carpet, panels, paintings, fabric for clothes), and poluobemnyh felt products manufactured with the use of flat forms layouts (eyeglass cases, bags, shoes, etc.), and felt wrapper for the products to be filling upholstery material, when to wrap apply three-dimensional models (toys, gifts).

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