Crochet cakes will not add any calories, but it will be a great toy for a child or just to decorate the kitchen interior. They look delicious and festive. Materials:
  • cotton yarn, mercerized (100% cotton, 280 m/50 g) 5 g dark brown, white, beige, cream and pink
  • hook №1.5
  • wool for stuffing
Basic pattern: knit rows and/or rounds the column without nakida. Each row and/or round start 1 air loop and each lap finish 1 prostovisa without nakida in the primary air loop.
Circular plane , type 4 hanging loops and close into a ring with 1 prostovisa without nakida. Bind the 8 columns without nakida (=1st round). Continue round the basic pattern:
  • Round 2: double each loop = 16 loops
  • Round 3: each second loop double = 24 loops
  • Round 4: every third double loop = 32 loop
  • Round 5: every fourth loop double = 40 loops
  • Round 6: every fifth loop double = 48 loops
  • Round 7: every sixth loop double = 56 loops
  • Round 8: each seventh double loop = 64 loop
  • Round 9: every eighth loop double = 72 loops
  • Round 10: every ninth double-loop = 80 loops
Cream cake: with white yarn tie for a round bottom plane to the ninth circle. For edge type 5 loops of white yarn + 2 air loop turn and knit 25 rows of columns with nakida, each row begins 2 air loops of rotation. The edge band close to the ring prostovisa without nakida. For the top tie pink yarn round the plane before the 9th round, rounds 10-12 will perform no additions. The bottom edge and tie the white yarn prostovisa without nakida. Sew the top, filling with cotton. Dial a chain of 140 loops of white yarn and sew a spiral on top of the cupcake. Chocolate cake: for the bottom and the top of the dial at the 12 loops of dark brown yarn + 1 air loop turn. Then tie a basic pattern of 13 rows. For edge enter 8 loops of dark brown yarn + 1 air loop, turn and knit the main pattern 42 series. Strip of the edge of the lock ring in the column with nakida. The bottom and top attach to the edge of the dark brown yarn polostevichi without nakida, stuffing with cotton wool. Dial a chain of 90 loops of white yarn and sew it on the cake a wavy line. For rosettes, type 4 air loop white yarn and lock in ring 1 prostovisa without nakida. This ring bind 5 knobs in the following way: 3 times do 1 nakida, enter the hook in the air loop of the ring and form 1 peply, then all nakedy and loop provarite together and some Bud close 1 air loop*. From * repeat 4 times and the circle of pinecones close 1 prostovisa without nakida. Sew the rosettes on the cake. Mocha cake: for the bottom cover beige yarn run plane round to 10 round. For edge dial 9 loops + 1 air loop, turn and knit the basic pattern for 48 rows, alternating 4 rows of cream and 2 rows of beige, and at the end of every second row instead of two knit columns without nakida two polostevichi without nakida. The edge band close to the ring prostovisa without nakida and bind his prostovisa without nakida beige yarn to the bottom. For the top run 1 round plane dark brown yarn to the 8th round and 1 round plane cream yarn to the 4th round. Light circle on a dark sew, then sew both circles to the cake, stuffing it with cotton wool.
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