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  Very good look on the bark of various architectural structures, they fit perfectly into the features of the texture of birch bark as cracks, nodules, black spots can...

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  First, it is good to prepare the bark, to clean it from both sides, from the front to remove the top, thin layer. The drawing is prepared on...

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Painting on birch bark

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  Little known, a new kind of painting that have appeared in recent years. Consider the basic techniques of performance. The bark is cleaned from unnecessary layers from two...

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Decorative painting on birch bark. Birds

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Painted birch bark has long been known, is a traditional kind of art. This files most often painted baskets, and boxes. In different areas have developed their own traditions, particularly...

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Bouquet in a vase

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  You first need to prepare a sketch on paper, it provide only the General arrangement, form of flowers and leaves, detailed drawing does not need anything, everything must...

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Subject applique

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  Drawings for applications can be taken from any source or draw themselves. It can be animals, birds, insects, etc. the Technique of applique in this case is very...

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  The technique of this operation is similar to the previous one. Prepared drawing tracing all the lines with pressure to leave a clear trail. Scales can be of...

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The Firebird

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  To practice skills, try to do the most simple stamping on birch bark with no stamps, only with a blunt awl. You should first do the sketch with...

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  You will need birch bark cradle from the bark or wood, thread, or wire, paint, knife, awl, scissors, brush. You need to prepare the bark of rectangular shape...

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  For work take the bark, Matter, a few straws, wire, glue, scissors, a brush. Manufacturer start with the dress, what a piece of birch bark flattened with a...

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  Materials and tools needed bark (soaked in salt water), bobbins, wire, scissors, brushes. Work on a toy starts with the production of the body. He is the principle of manufacture of...

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Dog Fido

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Of materials and tools, prepare the bark, sticks or matches, berries, rosehip, watermelon seeds, white glue, modeling clay, thread, a wooden block, a needle, scissors, awl. For making body...

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  For the manufacture of the basket, prepare the pieces of birch bark (soak, as described above), thread, a sector of a circle of thin cardboard, a wooden block...

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